May the 4th be with you!

328It’s Star Wars Day! What kind of geeks would we be if we weren’t down to celebrate May 4?!

We’ve come up with a couple of special ways you can get involved with Geeky Giving today that would make Luke and Leia proud.

First, Chelsea and I are going to match every gift made today (up to $500) so that you not only get your hands on some amazing fiction, but your dollars go twice as far toward supporting neuroscience research at Barrow.

Donate. Or do not. There is no try on May 4.


Second, we’ll be giving away free bundles today to the first four people who are willing to tell their friends about Geeky Giving. Post on your social media networks and send us the evidence on Twitter (you must tag us at @GeekyGiving) and we’ll send one monthly¬†bundle of your choosing your way for helping the cause. You can look in the “Get the Books” section for details on each bundle to date.

May the 4th be with you!

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